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Our Story

Gutsy Girl & Co.

We feed faces that want feeding- likely to be faces of folks who have just finished breakfast but are contemplating elevenses already. We’re with you, we’ve got you covered - every meal is important to us (yes, you should make a meal out of elevenses). Every meal, morsel and menu carefully considered, blissfully understated, offering seasonal and reasonable eating. No Gimmicks, no fuss - just Gutsy food, and it happens to be made by a girl!

Who’s that girl?

Self-taught and nurtured in the kitchen by women who would all have to fight off each other for the top spot of ‘Hostess with the Mostess’ (although I reckon Nana Jean would pip them to the post). I’ve been menu planning since circa 1990, collecting note book upon note book of how one day something may all come together. Collecting food memories at any given opportunity, sniffing out the best of what’s good to eat, when it’s good to eat it and more importantly who to eat it with, had all become a full time hobby. You can’t really add that on a CV… “Favourite Past Time is Eating”. So I forgot about the CV, stopped the endless job/soul searching, and hand held by my Gutsy Guy, dipped my toes into the food and hospitality industry, liked what I saw but more mind boggling is that people actually liked what I cooked!

In the beginning

Gutsy Girl and Co began life as a Sunday Supper Club, popping up monthly at our local pub. With my husband as Front of House, best mates volunteering in the kitchen, we launched our first ‘Sunday Social’ in November 2018-a menu of Crab, Pork and Chocolate. What’s crazy is people came, paid money, ate it and enjoyed it, raved about it, and continued to make it a sell-out month after month. MIND BLOWN. Guests would come for the food, stay a little longer for an after dinner tipple, leave with a story, and often a new mate who they’d want to share a drink or story with again. With pop ups, private catering, weddings, music and food events under our belt, this nomad Gutsy Girl and her ‘Co’ yearned for a place to call home.

The Co.

The ‘Co’ represents the friends, family, communities and suppliers who from the beginning have wanted it all to work just as much as the Gutsy Girl herself. From the get go, we’ve maintained a tight network of individuals, all glorious gannets, who have invested heart and soul in what we do, saved our bacon, cured our bacon, looked after us so we can look after you.

Our Home

Our kitchen is situated within Middlesbrough’s first creative co-working space, Studio 109. The studio offers an impressive space for creative minds to work and play (and now to eat too!) Take a butchers at their site but make sure you come back now :)

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